Mirimiri is the traditional Māori healing practice to support the mind, body and spirit.

Our therapists holistic approach and knowledge can offer a variety of techniques that caters for everyone needs.  For example, relaxation, lymphatic, sport massage, reflexology, chair and pregnancy massage etc.
Benefits include reducing anxiety, sport injuries, nerve pain, insomnia related stress, headaches etc.  Incorporate having regular mirimiri into your monthly self-care.

Contact Te Oturu Oranga on  (07) 552 6238 to make your booking today.
Arleen extn 801  and Chrissy extn 803

Registered with GP Services   $30
Casual                                       $60
Descendant of Pirirākau          $40
Children 0-16 years                 $20

Rongoā Practitioner

Rob Taylor coordinates and facilitates rongoā workshops and educational sessions for the local community.
Contact Rob at r.taylor@pirirakauhauora.org.nz if you are interested in learning about rongoā.