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Pirirākau Hauora was established in 1993 as an initiative from Pirirākau Kōhanga who saw the need for affordable and accessible services for pepi and their whānau.

Opened on 23rd September 1993 with one half day per week doctor service provided through voluntary labour.

In 1994 under the korowai of Pirirākau Incorporated Society, Pirirākau Hauora was contracted through Midland Health to provide a range of services.  These services were consolidated and expanded in 1995 and included Mirimiri and home based support services.  In 1996, Midland Health provided funding to assist in the construction of the new building at Lochhead Road.

The new building was officially opened on 27th February 1997 and the doctor service was extended to three mornings per week.  Through a contract with Western Iwi Health, the doctors were able to be paid for their time.

With the opportunity to gain contracts and provide more services, the Pirirākau Health Committee, with the advice of Inland Revenue, decided it would be in the best interest to move towards a state of self-sufficiency and self-control.  In January 1999, Pirirākau Hauora became incorporated under the name “Pirirākau Hauora Charitable Trust” with the committee members at the time taking on the role as Trustees.

Te Huhunu Trust

In 1984, the kaumatua of Pirirākau expressed a desire to provide a legacy to the community. This vision led to a meeting that approved a proposal to construct low-cost, low maintenance kaumatua flats. The ideal location for this project would be the three-acre block of land which had been given over to the ownership of the Catholic Church. This land had previously been used as a convent school playground and had been lying idle since the convent closed.

28th April 1986, after lengthy discussions and negotiations Bishop Gaines approved that the land change deeds be returned to the Pirirākau community and be administrated by a Charitable Trust made up of representatives from the four marae within Pirirākau, today we have 6 trustees.

The name Te Huhunu was chosen by the Trust for the 3-acre block of land which was gifted back to the Pirirākau community by the Catholic Church. Te Huhunu was a spring located on the adjoining property owned by the Tuhakaraina whānau.

Te Huhunu Trust has built three kaumatua flats, established Pirirākau Kōhanga Reo, and constructed the main building of Pirirākau Hauora, landscaped and constructed car parks.

Te Ōturu Oranga

In May 2010, Pirirākau Hauora secured the purchase of 4 Paparoa Road which is next door to Paparoa Marae.  The new property, formerly “Burtons Nursery” has a four-bedroom home with beautiful surroundings, which is the ideal setting for our new “Wellness Centre”.

In June, a hui was held at Paparoa Marae with kaumātua to decide on an appropriate name for the site.  The site was aptly named “Te Ōturu” after the Ōturu stream which flows from the Minden past Paparoa to the estuary.

In August, an Open Day was held at Te Ōturu to give the whānau the opportunity to view the site and to bless the premises and clear the way for our kaimahi to begin working from the premises.

Today, the services located at Te Ōturu Oranga are mirimiri, rongoā, kaumatua programme and mental health services, with the long-term goal of providing respite care to whānau and the delivery of Whānau Ora centred services.

“Me whakaruru tātou i raro i te whakaaro kotahi”

Embracing everyone together under one vision

Our logo was designed by Peter Nicholas.

At the centre of the design is a stylised rākau. The Trunk stands strong, firm and majestic to signify Pirirākau and “Tino Rangatiratanga”. Radiating from the trunk are four branches which represents the four marae, Tutereinga, Poutūterangi, Paparoa and Tawhitinui, which can also indicate the four cornerstones of wellbeing: Taha Wairua, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Tinana, Taha Whānau and the four winds to which the people of Pirirākau have migrated.

The koru represents the embrace of growth and nurturing of whānau. The maihi represents the gathering of our people under the one roof of the Hauora to promote and encourage health and wellbeing. The colours are also significant. The blue in the top portion of the design symbolises Ranginui and the air around us and in the lower portion represents Tangaroa and the waters of Tauranga Moana, the green represents Papatūānuku me te ngahere, all of which are sources of natural healing.

Our Logo

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