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Rangatahi Services

Tu Pou Tahi

Tu Pou Tahi was established to provide a Rangatahi health and wellbeing service throughout the Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga region.


Tu Pou Tahi Objectives

To empower Rangatahi and whānau to take responsibility of their health and wellbeing.

To promote responsible sexual behaviour and to educate them so that they may make well informed choices.

To develop programmes that empower Rangatahi to take control of their future and to strive for greatness.

To provide workshops and activities to increase Rangatahi ability to cope with the pressures of life in today's society.


Previous Programmes

  • Leadership Camps
  • Stage Production
  • Driver Licensing Courses
  • Advocacy
  • Promotional Events


Pirirakau Youth Group

To provide programmes and activities for the youth of Pirirakau Hapū.

Pirirakau Youth Group Objectives
To provide activities that entertain, empower and educate our youth.


Previous Programmes

  • OSCAR School Holiday Programmes
  • Study Groups
  • Music Lessons & Kapahaka
  • Sports Teams
  • Excursions
  • Promotional Events

See Panui/Newsletters for our latest School Holiday Programmes details.


Wiremu Toma or Brody Leathem

Phone: (07) 552 4573 extn 710 or 709

Email:     w.toma@pirirakauhauora.org.nz or b.leathem@pirirakauhauora.org.nz