Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services
in Te Puna, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
07 552 4573

FAQs / Patai

Q. Do I have to pay on the day of my consultation?

A. Yes. It is expected that all accounts be settled on the day you are seen.

Q. What is Kaupapa Māori?

A. We practice Māori values and philosophy of Te Reo, Rangatiratanga, Whakapapa and Whānaungatanga.  Māori know Māori best, and are the most qualified to identify our needs and make sure these needs are being met.  We are all about improving the health and wellbeing of Māori people, by Māori for Māori but not exclusive to Māori.

Q. What is the benefit for my whānau?

A. Whānau friendly environment and services which cater specifically to the needs of the whānau and having low cost services.

Q. Are Pirirakau Hauora services just for Māori & for people who whakapapa to Pirirakau hapū?

A. No.  While our services are for predominately Māori whānau within Pirirakau hapū we are not exclusive.

Q. What is a PHO?

A. A PHO (Primary Health Organisation) is the main organisation funded by the government to provide low cost doctors consultations and other health packages to all of those enrolled with one.

Q. Who is our PHO Provider?

A. Our PHO is Nga Mataapuna Oranga, they are based at 157 Fraser Street, Tauranga.

Q. Nga Mataapuna Oranga, who are they?

A. Nga Mataapuna Oranga is the only Māori PHO in the Tauranga area, it is the local non profit organisation chosen by the government to provide low cost services. Website: http://nmo.org.nz


Q. What is a Registered Client?

A. When you enrol at Pirirakau Hauora you become a REGISTERED client.  

Q. So how do I know if I’m registered?

A.  If you are not sure, come into the clinic and we will re-register you to make sure.

Q. Can I stay enrolled at my previous provider?

A. No. You must decide who you want as your preferred provider.
You must also inform all providers that you are registered at another Doctors Clinic or have visited another clinic.


Q Why not go elsewhere?

A. Pirirakau Hauora is funded on the total amount of patients that are registered. If you are registered and decide to visit another doctor we have to pay that doctor for seeing you because we get your funding for all your doctors visits.

Every month we receive a notice letter from the PHO, informing us that a certain number of our registered patients have visited other providers.

Every time you visit another clinic outside our PHO the cost of those visits is deducted from our funding.


Q.  Do I need to enrol?

A. Yes. Everyone needs to be enrolled with a PHO whether you are healthy or not.
If you are unsure about your registration please fill in another registration form.