Kaupapa Maori Health Care Services
in Te Puna, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
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Te Kerekau Nicholas - Rangatahi Services Coordinator

Ngati Ranginui

Ko Mauao te Maunga
Ko Tauranga te Moana
Ko Takitimu te Waka
Ko Ngati Ranginui te Iwi
Ko Pirirakau te Hapu

Te Kerekau is one of our Rangatahi Projects Coordinators and holds a Bachelor degree in Sports and Recreation. He and Ani Kuka currently deliver Rangatahi Services i.e. OSCAR funded Holiday Programmes, Driver Licence activities etc...

Born and raised in Te Puna, interests of Te Kerekau include all sports particularly rugby and basketball. Alongside that he enjoys fitness and training, kapahaka, Te Ao Maori and helping peopl;e reach their goals.

Email - k.nicholas@pirirakauhauora.org.nz


Sylvia Wilson - CAMHS Social Worker

Ngati Ranginui

Ko Mauao te Maunga
Ko Tauranga te Moana
Ko Takitimu te Waka
Ko Ngati Ranginui te Iwi
Ko Pirirakau te Hapu
Ko Paparoa me Tutereinga nga Marae

Sylvia is a registered Social Worker and a graduate with a Bachelor of Social Work in Bicultural Practice.

She joined the team at Pirirakau Hauora in 2011 as Social Worker for Tamariki/Rangatahi Mental Health Service with a (CAMHS) Contract.

Sylvia is very passionate about working with our tamariki and rangatahi.  She considers it a privilege being involved in their lives walking beside them whilst trying to make positive differences.

Sylvia lives in Te Puna with her whānau on their whenua and close to their marae.  She is the second to youngest of 11 siblings (4 boys & 7 girls).

Email - s.wilson@pirirakauhauora.org.nz

Moana Rayner - Flexi Respite Care and Kaumatua Programme Co-ordinator

Ngati Ranginui me Ngati Pukenga

Ko Mauao te Maunga
Ko Tauranga te Moana
Ko Mataatua te Waka
Ko Ngati Pukenga te Iwi
Ko Nga Potiki te Hapu

Moana was born in Tauranga and lived in Welcome Bay, where she grew up and attended Otepou School & Tauranga Girls College.  In 1985 her whānau moved to Te Puna, where she raised her four sons.

Moana has been with Pirirakau Hauora since 2006, and has held numerous roles including; Tamariki Ora & Whānau Ora Kaimahi and Kaumatua Programme Coordinator.  She was our Coordinator for Whānau Ora services, supporting whānau within the community of Pirirakau, and now has moved into the Kaupapa Maori Flexi Respite Kaumatua programme co-ordinator

Working at Pirirakau Hauora, Moana enjoys attending various training to enhance the work she does, she is enjoying her work with whānau members within Pirirakau Rohe.

Email - m.rayner@pirirakauhauora.org.nz

Carl Te Ahuru - NASC Whanau Ora

Ngati Tuwharetoa

Ko Tongariro te Maunga
Ko Taupo-nui-a-tia te Moana
Ko Te Arawa te Waka
Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa te Iwi

Carl has returned home to Tauranga after 22 years living in Dunedin.  While he was there, Carl worked in the field of community and forensic mental health as well as cultural education.

Carl has developed a passion for working with and supporting tangata whaiora.

He credits Whaea Rahera Biddle for her support for him in his early days and for all the awesome mahi she has done during her time with Pirirakau Hauora.

Email - c.teahuru@pirirakauhauora.org.nz

Natalie Rikirangi - Oturu Kaumatua Support Services Coordinator

Nga Ruahine me Ngati Ranginui

Ko Mauao te Maunga
Ko Te Awanui te Moana
Ko Koopurererua, Ko Wairoa, Ko Wairere ngā Awa
Ko Huria, Ko Wairoa, Ko Tawhitinui ngā Marae
Ko Ngāti Ranginui, Ko Ngai Te Rangi Ko Ngāti Pūkenga ngā Iwi
Ko Ngai Tamarawaho, Ko Ngāti Rangi Ko Te Materāwaho, Ko Pirirakau ngā Hapū
Ko Takitimu Ko Mataatua ngā Waka
Ko Richard Rikirangi rāua Ko Maria Nicholas ōku Kuia Koroua
Ko Kapua Rikirangi tōku mama

Natalie has been recently employed as a Part time Home and Community Support Services Co ordinator for Pirirākau Hauora working alongside Kahli Elvin to deliver a service that caters and provides quality and genuine support and care for our kaumātua/elders.

She spent most of my childhood in Auckland and have settled here in Tauranga Moana where I met my partner and father to my four children, Russell (Wiparata) Ngatoko.

She has always had an interest in hauora mahi and have been given the opportunity to work with and amongst some awesome people. I look forward to meeting and working with our whanau of Pirirakau and the wider community and will do my best to deliver and provide a great service.

Email - n.rikirangi@pirirakauhauora.org.nz

Bronwyn Morris - Oturu Kaumatua Support Services Coordinator

Pirirakau, Ngati Ranginui

Bronwyn grew up in Te Puna, the eldest child of 4 , she went to school at Te Puna Convent, Te Puna Primary and Tauranga Girls College . 
In 2015 she went back to school where I gained a level 4 in Health care assistance as well as a diploma in legal studies, Started a Bachelor of Community health that’s on hold at the moment.
I am now working at the Hauora as one of the Home and Community Support services Coordinators.

Email - b.morris@pirirakauhauora.org.nz

Suana Bristow Borell - Whanau Ora Support Kaimahi

Pirirakau, Ngati Ranginui

Suana grew up in Te Puna Tauranga, I am the oldest of five children. Her priority is whānau. Her interests have always been sport, Tennis, Netball, where she has played as well as coached. Favourite food is seafood.

She has also taken on the position of being the Whānau Ora kaimahi

Email - s.borell@pirirakauhauora.org.nz