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Te Haa Ora

Antenatal Classes

Day, Evening & Weekend Classes Available

This programme is open to any hapū (pregnant) Mums and their whānau wanting to participate in a cultural experience.  Courses are held throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Te Haa Ora is a holistic antenatal programme for hapū women, their partners, whānau and support people.

He wahine, He whenua, E ora ai te iwi

By women and land, people are sustained.

You are here to learn what you already know, what is in your bones.  Te Haa Ora is designed to keep our traditions alive and well.
You stand on the threshold of this next stage of life.
He Whare Tangata links ancient lines of whakapapa.
Descending from godly ancestors - Ngā Atua through centuries past.

  • Tupuna
  • Life Force
  • Te Ha flow
  • Kaumatua, Matua
  • Tae noa ki koe - Te Whaea, Te Koka


Te Ukaipo survive an inheritance to be realized in the creation of a new whānau.

The many thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The complex and miraculous changes that are happening within your body.
The miracle of life, your pepi
It includes Kura Whānau which has been designed specifically for Māori women by a Māori midwife Tungane Kani from Danniverke.
This programme was created out of need for more culturally appropriate antenatal care for Māori women.